Introduction: Carburetor Ornaments

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The Carburetor Christmas Ornament is the perfect thing for a tree.  It is a unique piece that I am sure that nobody else on your block has:)  To make this item you have to start with a 2cycle carburetor as anything larger would be kinda heavy for the tree to hold up.  

The tools Required are: 

Phillips Screwdriver
Flat Screwdriver
Wire Brush(to clean it)
Small Flat Screwdriver(to pull the eclip)

We put these ornaments for sale in our shop with the money going to Shriners Hospitals so  please if you like this ornament think about donating to the Shriners Hospitals to help kids that have been hurt on lawnmowers.

Remember over 9000 kids a year get hurt or killed around outdoor power equipment.

to Donate go to

for more information about helping your kids stay safe goto

Step 1: Remove the Top and Bottom

First we will need to lighten up the Carb for the tree.  I removed the top and bottom plates by pulling the screws.  You will then have to pry the plates off due to the gaskets have a tendency to stick.  

(Just a tip save the screws you pull as they can be used in the construction of a reprap and are sized better then the ones you can buy)

Step 2: Pull the Needle and Spring

You have to remove a screw to pull the needle and lever It will be much easier with a decent screwdriver so use the best one you have.  

Again I recommend saving them as I will likely post some of our projects that use use them for later.

Step 3:

Remove the Butterfly's  They are also soft screws so I would suggest using the best screwdriver you have to avoid stripping them.

Step 4: Pull the Throttle Levers

You have to remove a e-clip to pull the throttle levers out of the carb.  I have found a small screwdriver makes short work of these.  You then just use pliers to pull them out.

Step 5: Remove the Adjustment Screws

Again we are trying to make this as light as possible for the tree so remove the adjustment screws and everything you do not want on it.

Step 6: Clean the Carb.

You do not want to hang a dirty ornament on your tree.  So give it a good scrubbing. before you put the ribbon in to hold it on the tree.  Then add your ribbon and hang it on the tree.

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