Introduction: Card Magic - Find the Secret Card

Let your buddy choose a card and you'll magically lead him to pick his card again.

All you need to have is a normal deck of cards.


All you need to have is a normal deck of cards.

Step 1: Draw 21 Random Cards From Your Deck and Show Them to Your Partner

Step 2: Tell Your Friend to Memorize a Single Card Without Telling You

(let's say he chose this 9 of clubs)

Step 3: Split the 21 Card Into 3 Piles

Hold the 21 card facing down.

1 by 1 put down on the table the top card until no cards left using this logic:

each card you draw goes to the next pile: 1st card=1st pile | 2nd card=2nd pile | 3rd card=3rd pile | 4th card=4th pile etc...

Step 4: Ask Him in Which Pile the Chosen Card Is Located

collect the piles making sure his chosen pule is in the middle (the 2nd pile)

For example: if the card is located at the leftmost pile, take one of the other piles, then the leftmost pile, and finally the last pile.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3+4 Two More Times

you should repeat steps 3+4 total of 3 times.

Step 6: Create 5 Flowers From the Cards

Now His Card Will Be the 11th Card in the Deck (when It's Facing Down)

each time draw the top 4 cards and create a flower. your 5th flower will contain 5 cards.

IMPORTANT: remember that the card is the 11th which means it will be in the 3rd card in the 3rd pile.

Step 7: Trick Him to Think His Leading the Way

Tell him to choose 2 piles: if one of his choices is the 3rd pile then keep these 2 piles and take the other 3 out of the game. if the 3rd pile is not in his choices then take his 2 chosen piles out of the game.

ask him to choose a single pile and if its not pile number 3- take it out.

repeat this until only the 3rd pile is left on the table.

now let him choose 2 cards from the pile. if he chooses the 3rd card in this pile - keep his choices and take out the other 2.

keeps it going until 1 card is left and let his open it and VOILA this is the card!