Card Shelf

Introduction: Card Shelf

A really tiny shelf made from a playing card to hold your chewbaccas and stuff

Step 1: Get Ingredients

You need a playing card and some tape. Chewbacca is optional.

Step 2: Measure Tape

Make two strands of tape, both about the same size. Then, make two more strands of tape a bit smaller then the first two. My big tape things were about 8 and a half inches long, as my small ones were 7 inches long

Step 3: Tape Tape

Lay the longer strips of tape down (sticky side up) and lay the smaller strip of tape in the middle (sticky side down). There should be a piece of tape with only the edges sticky. Do that with the other one too.

Step 4: Tape Tape to Card

Tape one of the sides of the special tape you made to the card, so it looks like this

Step 5: Hang

Now all you have to do is hang this shelf up. Put something light on it. These lego guys seem to do the trick

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    They're like Lego Mini-Figure Magic Cardpets!
    (Okay, not the funniest joke ever...Cool idea tho!)