Introduction: Card Flourishes: Spread and Flip Over

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Here's a wonderful way to wrap the night up. After games and/or card tricks, you can use this glorified way of flipping the deck over to impress guests and friends.

Step 1: Spread

First you need to spread the cards across the table. I recommend some sort of cloth underneath, like a poker or card table, or a place mat, the reason being to help giving traction and helping to drag out the cards. Orient the deck with the long sides on the left and right and the short sides on top and bottom. Hold it with your right hand, your thumb on the short bottom side, your index finger on the long right side, and your remaining three fingers on the short top side. Refer to the picture. (Note-for this entire instructable, including the prior instructions, reverse all sides for lefties.)
To drag out the deck, place the deck on the left side of your table or cloth or whatever, and apply downward pressure as you move the whole deck to the right. Use your index finger to control how many cards come out.

Step 2: Flip Over

The coolest part. To flip the deck over, start on the left side and pick up the leftmost card. Get your index finger under it (right hand) and start flipping the cards by moving your finger to the right without taking it off of the cards. Each card will pull up the next one so you can flip it over. At the end, you can let them drop. They should be face up by then

Step 3: Pickup

Now, to pick them all up, put your four right fingers under the card on the rightmost side, which should be under all the other cards. Slide your hand to the right, picking up all the cards as you go along. Remember to clamp them down with your thumb when you're done, as it would be really embarrassing to go through that, only to have the cards fly everywhere at the last step. Square the deck (that is, push all the cards in to lay even.

Step 4: Video

Here's a (hopefully) helpful video.