Introduction: Cardboard Arcade-style Marble Dropper

This was a project for my POE class. It is fairly easy to make, has some cool mechanisms, and is fun to play.


Materials needed are lots of cardboard, string, long thin circular pegs (I used wood), popsicle sticks, at least one marble, and hot glue or tape but preferably hot glue.

Step 1: Cut Out All of the Main Parts

Look at my engineering notebook for any precise measurements. Anything not covered was simply improvised for customization purposes.

Step 2: Assembling the Main Parts

This is probably the hardest step because there are so many ways to do it. You are the one who can make the game however difficult you want it to be. The center disc has a small hole in the center for the peg to go through so that the pulley system can later spin the disc. Feel free to align the "tracks" on the disc however you want, there is no correct way. When gluing, make sure the peg is attached to the disc and pulley and NOT the two plates, it won't spin otherwise. The same goes for the operating wheel at the bottom. Also, notice how there is a space between the two plates. There are two separate tracks that start at each exit hole for the marble that runs down to the sides of the game. These tracks not only connect the two plates but also make them structurally sound. Feel free to place and align them however you want so that the marble exits wherever you want it to exit.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Here is where the front and back plates were attached to the legs and the gear and pulley system is finally connected. A 25cm by 25cm square base is also attached to the bottom for added stability.

Step 4: Finalize the Build

Here is where I used any extra cardboard to improve the game. I attached thin strips of cardboard along the sides and bottom of the center disc so that the marble doesn't roll away. I also added small arms on either side of the game to collect and hold the marble.

Step 5: Play!

Enjoy the game!

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