Introduction: Cardboard Arm Glove, Goggles, Ninja Star

These are 3 items made by 4 materials. Make sure you recycle, reuse, and eat all the gourmet food before it runs out!



Cardboard Two

Prescription Bottles







Hot Glue Gun

Hole Puncher

Step 1: How It All Began!

I am a student which not is sharing his name. Its started when my teacher shared this contest to students to see if they wanted to try and get involved. Which I was thinking is this contest good for me? I just left it for a couple days and see who went in it and I surprised by all the creativity. So I thought why not. But I only had 4 days left to enter. I started grabbed materials and just juicing my brain. And came up with the cardboard glove, goggles, and a ninja star. And the materials were only just hot glue, cardboard, string, and two prescription bottles and made something big into 3 items!

Step 2: Cardboard Glove

I first started by measuring my arm width and length. Then I drew a line of the width of my risk on the top of the cardboard and drew a line of my elbow width on the bottom of the cardboard. When I connected them with the length of the arm it looked like a very tall trapezoid which is the shape your looking for. I wrap it around my arm to see if it would fit and it did but it didn't close. I had problem now so I though maybe I could connect it with cardboard but my dad saw that situation and told "Would it look cooler if it was connected by string like a show." And I thought that was a smart idea. So I used it and got a cool looking design. After that I cut a little of the cardboard at the bottom since it wasn't comfortable for the bottom of my arm. After that I glued two stripes of cardboard to make sure it was secure. After was the hardest part, the glove! I thought maybe what if I can do parts of the hand to make the glove. But it was going to take to much time, too much material, and effort especially when you don't have the time. My dad helped me again(which was the last) he suggested that I would make a symmetrical hand but then the middle finger connected and the other is bigger in size. Which I thought about it and tried it and I get what he was saying. I can make the bigger hand fingers or the tip of the fingers bend down and connect with the smaller hand making the glove. So now that the cardboard glove is made the hard part is now done.

Step 3: Goggles

For this I started with two prescription bottles. First I took the prescription bottles and scrub the labels off so hard. After, I got a long big strip of cardboard and trace both the tops of the prescription bottles. Then I cut the circles out and inserted the bottles through the circles. When I did that, I cut some cardboard for my nose to be comfortable. After that I glued the bottles so they wouldn't move and glued around the nose holder for comfort and support. After that I punched a hole on each edge of the strip to tie string as a connector/head holder. (I don't know my vocabulary but I love food :P). After, I tied the string the finishing touches for done and goggles were created. P.S Would make a great stalker costume especially since the goggles look creepy.

Step 4: Ninja Star!

For this, I started out with two prescription bottle caps from the last project. I traced the top's diameter x2(I got some vocabulary :l) to make sure I am cutting the right size. After, I traced I made the four points of a ninja star. I curved it a little for better slicing through air and cooler design. When that's done, I cut out the circles and glued both the ninja stars since their thin they need to be double by cardboard. I glued the tops together bottom to bottom not top to top. And inserted through the opening and glued it for stability. After, that the ninja star has been formed!

Step 5: Faliures :(

The cardboard glove has terrible flexibility and doesn't really move with my arm, also its not comfortable. The goggles didn't really match where the location of my eyes were, and it looked like a fly. Also the ninja star has decent aim but decent damage input but the shape of it could do better. I put this here as mistakes to be learned from and where my faults have come from and me adding this shows that I'm not afraid of these mistakes making a higher chances of me losing. Everybody makes mistakes and mistakes are keys to life's unknown doors. I hope I win and I hope all my effort really paid off. P.S Make sure there's a med kit nearby after all those injuries! Cya! #THENEWGENERATION!

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