Introduction: Cardboard Box Foosball

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Cardboard box
2 Sticks*
1 small ball**
*Try dowels, skewer sticks, chopsticks, straws, small branches
**Try a ping pong ball, marble, some balled up paper, tin foil

Boxcutter or serrated knife
Glue or tape

Step 1:

Cut out a rectangle on each end of the box to make goals.

Step 2:

Draw your players on the cut-out rectangles.

Step 3:

Cut holes on the side of the box to fit your sticks through. Make sure your cardboard players have clearance to spin around.

Step 4:

Glue or tape one player in the middle of each stick.

Step 5:

Find an opponent and play ball!

Step 6: Experiment!

How big or small can you make it?