Introduction: Cardboard Cactus Pinata

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In this instructable we'll go through making a cute little decorative cardboard pinata. With a little patience and a good snack you can make it in a few hours.


  • Green tissue Paper
  • Red napkin or tissue paper
  • Marker
  • Cardboard
  • Toilet paper roll - You can just use spare cardboard if you don't have a roll, it's just a bit easier with a toilet paper roll
  • Hot glue gun
  • Candy to stuff pinata
  • Scissors
  • A snack for yourself(Takis are optimal)

Step 1: Cutting Out Your Cactus

  1. Grab your cardboard and draw out your cactus or whatever shape you want.
  2. Grab a pair of scissors and cut out the outline.
  3. Put your cut out on another piece of cardboard and trace it.
  4. Cut out the second drawing to get two shapes the exact same size.
  5. Take a moment to appreciate your fantastic cutting skills.

Step 2: Gluing the Cacti Together

  1. Cut two thin pieces of toilet paper roll and place down the center of the cactus.
    1. Alternatively without a toilet paper roll, cut two thin strips of cardboard. Then bend them into a V and hot glue those in place of the toilet paper roll.
  2. Heat up that glue gun and glue the two pieces to the cactus.
  3. Add glue to the top of the toilet paper roll pieces and glue both pieces of the cactus together. Make sure that the cactus pieces are lined up before the hot glue holds it into place.

Step 3: Covering Your Sides

  1. Grab the scrap cardboard and start cutting thin strips to cover the side of the cactus.
    1. On the round parts of the cactus smaller pieces of cardboard are easier to work with and can preserve the shape.
  2. Start hot gluing the sides into place once the strips are at the right size to cover the openings.
  3. Before closing off the pinata you can throw some candy in there, it is meant for decoration and will not be easy to break as a normal pinata, but I like hearing the candy move around inside.

Step 4: Cut a Mountain of Tissue Paper

  1. Cut small squares of tissue paper until you have amassed a small mountain to work with.

Step 5: Covering Your Cactus

  1. Start from the bottom and work your way up, gluing the tissue paper to the cactus. Don't worry about all of the pieces facing the same way or spilling over the edge.
  2. After you put your first layer, get ready to start all over again to put a second and third layer on. Chomp some of your snack and get back at it. Make sure that you can't see the cardboard through the tissue paper, it usually takes three layers before looking good.

Step 6: Covering Your Edges

  1. All of the tissue paper will be spilling over and looking like a hot mess so cut thin strips of tissue paper to put around the edges of the cactus.
  2. Once you have your strips cut, glue them over the edges to hold down the pieces sticking out. Don't make the strips too thick, your main focus is just holding down all the pieces that stick out.

Step 7: Making a Flower As a Final Touch

  1. I unfortunately did not have any red tissue paper so I used a red napkin I had instead and it ended up working just beautifully. Cut out a square approximately half the size of your palm.
  2. Grab the center of the square and twirl it a bit.
  3. Place in the arm of your cactus to give it that final touch.
  4. Enjoy your beautiful creation!
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