Introduction: Cardboard-Cans-Flower

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Spring! Sun! The weather is fine. All we need is … seven cardboard cans to make a flower.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • 7 cardboard cans (with covers) for melted cheese (D = 111 mm, H = 22 mm);
  • 3 bamboo sticks (L = 300 mm);
  • 1 shoe lace (L = 1200 mm);
  • cylindrical cardboard perfume box (D ~ 70 mm, H ~ any size);
  • polyfoam cube (65x65x65 mm).


  • awl;
  • office knife.

Step 2: Parts Preparation and Assembly

Realize the assembly operation with a several stages (see video - just 13 minutes for all process):

  1. Remove all covers from cans.
  2. Make a few additional holes on a side face of some of your cardboards cans (4 holes for 'central' can, 1 hole for 'top' can, 2 holes for 'bottom' can). BE CAREFUL DURING THIS STAGE.
  3. Conduct the shoe lace throughout all the cans except central.
  4. Conduct the first bamboo stick between 2 side cans and inside central one.
  5. Fix the first stick with a lace.
  6. Conduct the second bamboo stick though 'top', 'central' and 'bottom' cans'.
  7. Fix the ends of the lace inside the 'bottom' can.
  8. Conduct the third stick through 'bottom' and 'central' can (leave a free end with a length ~ 100 mm).
  9. Put covers on cans.
  10. Prepare a through hole in a polyfoam cube.BE CAREFUL DURING THIS STAGE.
  11. Put the cube inside the cylindrical box.
  12. Put the flower by the third stick inside polyfoam in a cylindrical vase.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Handicraft Flower

You can your flower as memory storage for small tooltips for every week day.

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