Introduction: Cardboard, Cardboard, Cardboard!

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There are limitless possibilities for using cardboard. This instructable shows many projects, short descriptions, included photos, mouth watering ideas, can't wait to get started prompts, where does the time go, I can't do it all, I LOVE cardboard , ad infinitum ways to envision it, design it, construct it, use it and how to enjoy the whole process! Build it, don't buy it! There are, of course many more ways to slice it (the cardboard) but I don't want to overdo it all at once.

Step 1: Wall Hangings

Step 2: Fold-A-Lot: Clothes Folder

The fold-a-lot is a clothes folder to aid in making that chore easier, and produce nice, orderly stacks of clothes, towels, etc.

Step 3: Boxes

All sizes for many uses can be made. See my instructable: Make Your Own Boxes.

Step 4: Small Parts Containers

An easy way to keep track of small screws, nuts, bolts, tacks, etc.Please see my instructable:

Step 5: Storage of Paint Cans

I use cardboard to make storage of paint cans easier. Since there is little access to old paint, I put it down on the floor, under other shelving units. If I ever need a touch up, I simply pull out box with paint in it, and go to work.

Step 6: Waste Baskets

Step 7: Project Boxes

In order to semi-organize my work space and keep some semblance of order, I make project boxes that can be used to place works in progress. That way I can have several going at one time, yet know exactly where they are.

Step 8: Specially Designed Containers for Paper Flowers

I make paper flowers, and to store and or transport them, I needed to come up with a container that would enclose and protect the arrangements while in transit. Hence a specially cut and formed box.

Step 9: Shelving Unit(s)

Small units, but size could be expanded to larger sizes if needed.

Step 10: Tool Drawers for Work Bench

Drawers made of cardboard, to fit precisely under the workbench. This way, the whole space is utilized, and access is made easy by simply pulling out "drawer".

Step 11: Picture Frames

This frame was made by cutting cardboard to the width needed, then scoring with a bone folder or piece of wood. A raised area in the middle of the frame adds to the effect of a wood frame. Note 45 degree angle at corner. See next slide for picture of whole frame.

Step 12: Lettering Via Bandsaw

All letters made with bandsaw cutting.

Step 13: Signs

See the instructable: Make Signs out of Cardboard!

Step 14: Masks

Step 15: Paper Bag Storage

Step 16: Tool Organizer

Step 17: Refrigerator Organizers

Same concept as used in work bench: boxes go all the way to the back, just pull out and get what you want.

Step 18: Kitchen Cupboard Organizers

Same as refrigerator boxes.

Step 19: Closet Organizers

Cut boxes so that they slide into any shelf you have. Instant organizer!

Step 20: House Numbers

These have actually been in use for several years. Just cardboard! They are under an overhang so never get wet when it rains.

Step 21: Bill Holders

I have an in box and an outbox....helps to organize. Make boxes the exact size needed, i.e., slightly larger than a standard business envelope.

Step 22: Art Projects

A wealth of free canvas! Some art can even be mounted and framed.

Step 23: Small Chest of Drawers

For this project, I used a large box for the frame...found two small boxes that fit pretty well, then made dividers for the bottom "drawers", made boxes to fit, and covered it all with bright paper.

Step 24: Craft Paint Containers

I make special boxes for all my paint. Each box holds 30 bottles of the 2oz. size.

Step 25: Hole in the Wall Repair

Cardboard is good as a filler, and can be plastered over to fill in hole. Easier than trying to cut a piece of wood to fit.

Step 26: A Box for Clamps

A dedicated box for some clamps.

Step 27: Faux Rocks

See instructable on faux rocks.

Step 28: A Special Box Just for Floral Wires

If you work with floral wire, you know what a hassle it is to store. Running out of wall space? Make a box just for the wires.

Step 29: A Brush Garage

I wanted a way to store my brushes that was convienient and easy to use.

Step 30: A Dedicated Bottle Carrying Case

Keeps two glass bottles from moving and breaking.

Step 31: A Slide for Under Table Storage

Used to pull important paper file out. Saves the hardwood finish.

Step 32: Tombstones

Make these for Halloween.

Step 33: Paper Storage Unit

I use different papers in all kinds of crafts. Found out early on it would be necessary to have a separate shelf for each color, as much as possible.

Step 34: Make Furniture

See my instructable: Make furniture with cardboard.

Step 35: Make Wallets With Cardboard

See my instructable: Make a Billfold with cardboard.

Step 36: A Footstool or Ottoman, Made From a Box, Covered With Cloth

This handy storage chest doubles as a foot stool. I added an interior frame of pine, so that one can sit on it. It's quite strong.

Step 37: Camera and MP3 Storage.

When not in use, items can be stored in their own boxes. I keep the manuals with the box as well, then can find them easily when I need them.

Step 38: Miscellaneous Storage Units

I know, lots of boxes, huh. But they all come in handy when it's time to find something.

Step 39: A Recent Instructable

See How To Make A Purse of Denim.

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