Introduction: Cardboard Cart

Hello everyone, just to introduce ourselves we are the team Millennium Pajarito and for this instructable we are going to show you how we did our Cardboard cart.


-Cardboard, for this we went to different companies to ask them if they had any cardboard they were thinking on just throwing away, we got plane sheets and also tubes, approximately we got about 80 plane sheets from different sizes and about 20 tubes.

-Glue 5000 (1L)



-Masking tape

- Tape measure

-Ruler 30cm

-Pencil, pen or sharpie

-Solidworks Software

-Spray paint, this is for the decoration, you can use anything you want

Step 1: Brainstorm

We start by doing a sort of different ideas for the design of the cart, we used the TRIZ Morphological matrix to decide which idea we were going to use, is recommended to have 3 options so you can go around and ask people with knowledge about design and prototyping so they can give you a feedback about your idea, so with the information you gather from them will help you can to improve your ideas and have a solid one.

Step 2: Prototyping

Once you have a solid idea of how you want your cart to look like is time to make a prototype. A prototype can tell us a lot about our design, for start is able to to simulate the posibles flaws the real one can have, the weak spots and of course it help us understand the order it needs to be built.

Step 3: Design and Cutting

After doing your prototype and fixing the weak spots that you fund when making it it's time to take it to the real scales.

For this part you can use a laser cutter, but we decide to do everything by hand. The design we did it with the help of a CAD software, we use Solidworks, but can use the software you want. After we had the measurements it was time to start cutting. Something you need to pay attention to is the time you need for the glue, because some glues need to be at least 2hrs resting for it to paste the way you want to, that was one of our first mistakes, don't spend all the time cutting but in between start pasting so you can use your time more efficiently.

Step 4: Paste and Assembly

Like i say on the step before, by this time you should already have something glue together. In this step is for finishing pasting whatever is missing.

After everything is dry out and pasted together it's time to give the form of your design by assembling the extra parts you made, like the wheel.

Step 5: Decorate

After you finish assembling everything your cart is ready, but its not decorated yet.

In this step is the part where your creativity is the key, use whatever you want to make your cart “pretty” and don’t forget to have fun.