Introduction: Cardboard Chess

-Black cardboard


-Glue stick

-Printed chess pieces


-White paper


Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Black Cardboard

-Measure the cardboard so that it is a 12x12 square

-Cut the cardboard on the lines so it ends up as a 12x12 square

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting White Squares

-Using the piece of white paper, measure and mark out squares that are 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches

-In the end, you will need to cut out 32 of them

Step 3: Placing and Glueing White Tiles

-Using the cut up white squares, place them on the black board so they are 1.5 inches away from one another

-As you make your way down the board, glue the white tiles in a checkerboard pattern creating evenly black and white space.

-Glue all white tiles evenly as you make your way down the board

Step 4: Creating Game Pieces (Pawn)

-Once you have your finished board, your first game piece is a pawn

-First cut out a triangle about an inch and half big.

- Fold the 3 points of the triangle upward so they form a 3D triangle, then tape it together

Step 5: Game Piece #2 (Bishop)

-Cut out a circle that is about an inch and a half circumference

-Cut a line down the middle of the circle till about half way

-Overlap the folds until it turns into a cone shape then tape it together

Step 6: Game Piece #3 (Rook)

-Cut out a piece of paper that is in the shape of a T as shown in the picture

- Fold the 3 short ends up to create a box like figure

-Fold the long side in half and then wrap it around the top so it creates a 3D square and then apply tape where needed

Step 7: Game Piece #4 (Knights)

-Cut out a rectangle about an inch and a half by an inch

-Fold the 2 long sides half way and then fold the whole thing so it will stand up on its own

Step 8: Game Piece #5 (Queen)

-Cut out a square that is an inch by and inch to use as the base

-Cut out a rectangle an inch by inch an half and roll it up into a cylinder and place it on the base

-Use tape as needed to make it stay in place

Step 9: Game Piece #6 (King)

-Repeat step 8 by making a queen, but to make it a king, place a half in folded square on top of it and use tape as needed

Step 10: Completing the Chess Board

- In the end you will need 16 pawns, 4 rooks, 4 knights, 4 bishops, 2 queens and 2 kings

-Each homemade piece is matched up to the corresponding original game piece as shown on the picture