Introduction: Cardboard Church

This church is meant to bring joy and faith to the people

Step 1: Step #1

Step 1: First cut the cardboard into a rectangular slab which is 18 ½ inches long and 8 ½ inches tall.

Step 2: Step #2

Step 2 : then cut two triangles three inches on opposite sides from the end, coming up from the top and 3 inches tall

Step 3: Step #3

Step 3: Next cut two rectangles on opposite sides of the cardboard under the triangles and cut a rhombus in the middle.

Step 4: Step #4

Step 4: Put tissue paper in the two rectangles to make it look like windows

Step 5: Step #5

Step 5 : Measure two rectangles of cardboard so they can fit over the two triangles which will be the roof.

Step 6: Step #6

Step 6 : After that cut a couple small pieces of assorted colored tissue paper and glue them on a square piece of tissue paper which you will glue on the inside of the rhombus

Step 7: Step #7

Step 7 : add two 1¼in by 2 ¾in rectangles to the side of each triangle roof. And add a 4in by 2 ½ in between the two triangle roof pieces.

Step 8: Step #8

Step 8: next add a cross at the top of the roof in between the two roof triangles.

Step 9: Step #9

Step 9: last re enforce all the cardboard with hot glue.