Introduction: Cardboard Coffee Cup Collage Art Bouquet-Painted

Recycling Creatively by transforming Cardboard Coffee Cups into Art.   Entire Collage is made from items normally thrown away in a Starbucks Coffee Store.  Roses are made from cardboard cups......leaves are made from cardboard hot sleeves.....blossoms are made from  plastic lids.....miscellaneous background dimension made from plastic lids, cardboard hot sleeves, napkins, stir sticks and  cardboard oatmeal containers. Entire Art Collage was then painted with acrylic paints.  by EcoHeidi

Step 1:

Materials needed:  Gathered from Starbucks...Cardboard coffee cups, cardboard hot sleeve, plastic lids, napkins, wood stir sticks, Cardboard oatmeal containers, Collage glue, brush, paper punch flower shape, acrylic paints, white glue.
To prepare the roses, smash the cardboard coffee cups and glue to hold. Wrap a rubber band around until glue is dry

Step 2:

Apply a coat of the collage glue to the background of the canvas. Place napkins and tear cardboard hot sleeves. Place items into the glue.
For heavy to hold items, use a white glue. Make  roses from the cardboard coffee cups....blossoms are punched with flower punch.....leaves and  background dimension are cut and torn  from cardboard hot sleeves...stems and background dimension are wood stir sticks.

Step 3:

When all pieces are glued and the glue is dry, brush on the acrylic paints. Let paint dry. See photo in intro for paint colors.
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