Introduction: Cardboard Combination Lock Safe

In this instructable you will learn how to make a 3 chamber combination lock out of cardboard. Watch the video above to see the completed project. The other attached video shows steps how to make this project. The video goes pretty quickly, so this instructable will break it down into finer details. This is project needs the following materials:

-Good Quality Cardboard

-2 Long Toothpicks

-2 Popsicle Sticks

-1 Sheet of A4 Paper

-Box Cutters

-Pick/Drill to make holes



Step 1: Make the Lock Chamber

First, take the A4 sheet of paper. Cut it into 4 equal parts, as shown in the first photo. Take one of the quarters and roll it around the pencil as shown in the second picture. Tape the rolled up paper, but keep it on the pencil. Take the second quarter of the paper, and repeat. This time, roll it over the original paper. Finally, take the third quarter and repeat the same thing again.

Push the inner papers out, and it should look like the third picture.

Next, cut 3 circles out of the cardboard. Make each one with a diameter of 8 cm, and use a pick or drill to make a hole in the center of the circles. Make a 1 cm long cut in each circle. Look at the fourth picture to see how to make the cut.

Put the pieces that were cut off on the opposite side of the cuts. On two of the circles just put it on the face, and on one of the circles put it on the face and on the back. Make more small pieces if necessary. Cut up the roll of paper with the largest diameter into two 3-4 cm long pieces, and put it through two of the circles. Glue it there so it does not come out.

Take the smallest piece of paper and put it through the final circle, and glue it there. Slide the circles with the large diameter roll on top of the medium diameter roll, slide the smallest diameter roll inside the medium diameter roll. It should look like the 6th picture.

Cut out 2 L shaped pieces of cardboard, with a width of 4 cm and a length of 10 cm. Use pictures 7 and 8 to do complete it.

Then create something like picture 9. The final lock chamber should look like picture 10, 11 and 12.

Step 2: Making the Body of the Safe

Stick a bigger piece of cardboard on the front of the safe, make holes in it so that the toothpick and roll of paper comes through it. Make a 4th circle and make a hole in it, stick it onto the roll of paper. Also, put numbers on it. Make a oval shaped piece of cardboard and stick that onto the toothpick. It should look like the picture.

Make a box for the safe, and make hinges for the door that contains the lock chamber. Stick it all together, and your safe is done!