Introduction: Cardboard Computer


your going to want to get a 18in by 12in piece of cardboard.

hot glue gun

box cutter


you want the base of the key board to be 18in by 5in. you're going to make 96 keys in total.

you want 85 1\2 in by 1\2 in keys

8 1 in by 1\2 in keys 2 1.5 in by 1\2 in keys

1 4 in by 1\2 in keys

after you cut these keys out you're going to glue them onto the keyboard base. use the keyboard layout provided.


base of the mouse will be 5.5 in long and 3 in wide

there is going to be two pieces that join together about half way.

the back piece were you palm goes is going to be 3 in by 3in

the front will be 3 in by 2.5 in

glue the pieces on to the base so that it has a slight angle now you can add the left and right click buttons along with the scroll wheel.

the left and right click buttons are 2 in by just under 1 in


The razor Tower

Dimensions: 20. - Height 19" – Depth 8.5" – Width

you want 5 sides for the tower, you don't need a panel on the bottom but you can make one if you want.

2 20 in by 19 in panels

2 19 in by 8.5 in panels

1 8.5 in by 19 in panels (make this 2 if you want a bottom panel)

glue these panels together like show in the picture above. If you want to have a logo on the computer you can print out the logo than cut it out onto card board than glue it to the computer.

22.17 height 16.38 depth 1.00 width inches so what your going to want to do is cut out a huge rectangle and cut longer rectangle and glue them on the diamitor of the screen then make sure the back of it is a 1 in not including the stand then you can build then stand witch you make a rectangle 3.5- 5.5 the the hole stand is 14 in high and 2.5 for depth and 3.5 in for the with and geta bigger rectangle that is 9 in by. 7 in depth,10.5 with.

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