Introduction: Cardboard Craft Bin

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Hey! I'm Spongey, an amigo! First, let's get your materials.

1) a shoebox
2) scissors, craft knife, or a box cutter. One of the three.
3) Duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape, other kind of tape. One of the kinds listed.
4) lots of cardboard
1) paint
2) paint brushes
3) empty duct tape roll
4)any other extra items for the bin!

Step 1: Start Making a Divider!

Ok crafters!For this step, we will need to use the scissors, tape, cardboard! First, line a price of board up with a side of the box. See how long the box is? Trim the piece of cardboard until it can fit snugly in the box. Then, use the tape to attach it in.

Step 2: More Dividers!

Ok, so now we will have some customization come in. Grab your scissors, and trim pieces of cardboard to fit into the first divider. Place them how you like, but you really shouldn't stress with this step. Now, if you want, stop here. You can add more dividers later. If you want more ideas, view the next step.

Step 3: A New Kind of Holder

Remember how I said that you could use that extra duct tape holder? Well now you can! Cut a part of it out, and tape it back together, but without the part you cut out. Tape down the holder, and put the supplies you like in it!

Step 4: Keep Adding On!

Now you are free to add whatever! Don't stress with it. Paint the box if you like. My crafts are for being creative, not neat as a pin! So get out there and craft!