Cardboard Drum Pad




Introduction: Cardboard Drum Pad

This is our drum pad, it took us 4-5 days to make this. You will need a large piece of cardboard, something to cut the cardboard, and some glue. It takes three layers for The base of the drum pad and two layers of the drum pad itself each. We made this drum pad because it's a school assignment and it's what we picked to make. It may also contribute to the band at our school.

Step 1: Acquire Cardboard

Get some cardboard and cut it into 3 rectangles that are 7x18 and 2 circles that that have a diameter of 5.

Step 2: Attach

First in this step you must find some super glue or hot glue. Then, you have to glue all 3 of the rectangles together to make three layers. While that is drying start with the drum pads, glue the 4 circles in 2s and glue those two to the three rectangles.

Step 3: What It's Used For

Drumming (mostly practice.)

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    6 years ago

    Fun idea :) If you want some reverberation you could make a good drum out of a trash can and duct tape as well.

    Drum Pad
    Drum Pad

    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! We were trying to make a drum pad for practice and not an actual drum. Thanks for the idea though!