Introduction: Cardboard F1 Car

How to make a formula 1 racing car out of cardboard boxes.

By I Horner Aged 11.

Firstly, you will need to get your three cardboard
Then with your scissors cut one end open on two of the boxes.

boxes place two of your boxes end to end.

Next you will need to get your roll of sticky tape and tape the two boxes together.

Thirdly you will need to put your third box on top of the other two boxes so it will start to look like the chassis of a car.

After that you will have to go to tinker cad to download the stirring wheel when it has printed glue all the layers together

put a pencil through the cardboard and then glue or Sellotape then securely.

Then through the top box put a pencil sized whole so the stirring wheel can easily move around.

Next you will need a cardboard sheet about a meter long and half a meter wide then you must cut, fold and tape as shown.

last but not least place the seat inside the car so
you can now have a comfy seat whilst driving and when your all finished you can add some finishing touches like a whip of paint or a sat-nav in the middle of the wheel.



You will need:

· three open topped cardboard banana boxes · a role of sticky tape and duct tape, · a pair of scissors, · a laser cutter to cut out your steering wheel, · a cardboard sheet · and some paint.

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