Introduction: Cardboard Godzilla Cosplay Costume

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I made a cardboard Godzilla cosplay costume.

Step 1: Eyes

I used Adafruit's eyeball animation code as Godzilla's eyes.

Show eyes on two displays and use I2C to synchronize your eye movements.

Step 2: Head

I made Godzilla's head out of cardboard by embedding an eye display in the head.

Batteries were placed behind the head.

Step 3: Tail

Godzilla's tail has innumerable fins, so I made it with corrugated plastic.

Four cardboard boxes were connected with a string, the tail was connected, and a tape LED was placed under the fin.

Both sides of the fins of the corrugated plastic are sandwiched between black color boards and glued and fixed with a glue gun.

Step 4: Body

I stuck cotton on the entire surface so that the LED flashed red and vaguely, and put a black cloth on it. The light diffuses nicely.

I attached fins to the back like the tail so that it would shine with LEDs.

Step 5: Hands and Feet

The hands were processed with old gloves, and the feet were processed with Daiso slippers. The nails were made of corrugated plastic and sewn.

Step 6: Radiant Flame

The radiant flame of Godzilla has been reproduced by shining LED light on the mist.

The resistance change due to bending of the bending sensor is detected by analog pin and the LED ring is made to emit light.

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