Introduction: Cardboard Halo Energy Sword

I have been using cardboard for a while for my projects. Well this is a tutorial of how to make a realistic Halo energy sword.

Step 1: Pieces/handle

I first made a rectangle to find the general size of the handle.Then i found the center of it to create the piece on top. After that i just freehanded the curves,(i still kinda used a ruler to make sure they were even.) Make three of these to make the handle a bit more sturdier.

Step 2: Blades

the blades for me were 3 and a half times the handle length. this makes them about 2 feet in length. I made one blade then traced that to make the second one so they were even.

Step 3: Putting It Together+ Etra

I just taped the pieces together where they were supposed to go. The blades are a bit flimsy but wrapping it in tape or putting an extra layer of cardboard to the blades would help.After this i will paint it.(just fyi)