Introduction: Cardboard Hammer Prop

Hello! My name is Kiyanna and I'm participating in the Halloween Contest (prop). One of my friends is a cosplayer and she needed a mallot for one of her cosplays, so I thought "why not?" The overall design is inspired by Csssp. I suggest you check out her channel :)


Cardboard (Boxes are best)

Box cutter/ X-acto knife (scissors work as well)

Short pole (Ex. Broom stick)

Card stock paper

Paint (Any brand)

Fake flowers

Step 1: Make the Head of the Hammer

Start out by grabbing a cardboard box. It can be any size, but you don't want it to be too big for whatever you use for your handle! The size of the box you use will affect the size of the hammer.

Step 2: Close Off the Open End

You can either cut off the bottom flaps of the box or fold them in. (If the flaps on your box are already taped, or your box has no flaps, you can skip this step)

Step 3: Create the Spikes

Use your cardstock to create four half circles

Step 4: Roll the Spikes

Roll the spikes into cone shapes and glue the ends together.

Step 5: Glue on the Spikes

Use hot glue the attach two spikes to either side on the head.

Step 6: Connect the Handle

Finally, stick the handle through the hole and use hot glue to seal it. After this step, you're finished :)

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