Introduction: Cardboard Hanger

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How to turn something we always have too much into something we always lack?

I am talking about cardboard and hangers. Each time you buy or order something, you receive it in a cardboard box. With the exception of hoarders, you will just throw it away (in the recycling bin if you have one). On the other hand, no matter how much hangers you have, you always have this last shirt that you finally put on another shirt because you don't have enough hangers.

Let me propose you something: What if you cut a hanger out of cardboard?

Step 1: Tools and Material


  • pencil
  • cutter
  • ruler
  • marker (optional)


  • cardboard (40 x 60 cm)

Step 2: Draw and Cut the Shape

Draw the shape you want and cut it. For the dimensions, I used a real hanger as reference. I suggest you to oversize the hook otherwise it will be fragile.

The shape I drew is essentially two isosceles triangles connected by their basis. On that, add on each side the hooks and the closing flaps (like for the cornflakes boxes).

Step 3: Decorate the Surface

With the shape I drew, I had a large surface for:

  • decorations
  • passing a message
  • drawing or painting
  • whatever you want

I used it to print THE hanger. The one you think about when you hear the word "hanger". In fact there is two possibilities: the iron wire hanger or the wooden hanger. Your new hanger is just the next generation: the card board hanger.

Tip: If you want to print on cardboard and obtain this industrial printed style (cf. picture), buy some trichloroethylene (forbidden in Europe, toxic) or perchloroethylene. Then print a mirrored image with a usual laser printer (black tonner). Finally apply the print on the cardboard and, apply the perchloroethylene with a sponge on the non-printed surface.

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