Cardboard Helmet With Flip Down Visor

Introduction: Cardboard Helmet With Flip Down Visor

This helmet is my own design that started when I needed a costume for Comiccon, and due to my "Helmet a Year" philosophy I made this. First, I traced my head to make circle which is the base for the interior frame, I then cut out cardboard arches to make sort of a cage that my head fits into. Cardboard panels and cylinders were attached to the frame to make the helmet look more like a helmet. The visor is a single piece of cardboard that was cut twice on either side symmetrically, then overlapped to make a fold ( I also added eye holes and some more cardboard to make it look more 3D). Inside the helmet, behind the chin piece, there are two motors that spin and pull down the visor using fishing wire when a button is pressed, the visor flips back up with an elastic band. Then I wore it to Comiccon and got the guy that plays Darth Vader, Dave Prowse, to sign it. By the way this project did not cost a thing, as I had all the parts lying around at home (except the autograph, that put me back $30).

Materials you will need:
-Fishing Wire
-2x Motors
-2x AA Batteries and Case
-2x Screws

Tools you will need:
-Scissors or X-acto Knife
-Hot Glue Gun
-Cutting Board

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    3 years ago

    Wonderful Helmet. I'm making a similar project and I'm wondering if the visor piece comes down and up or do you have to switch the direction of the motors rotation via the black and red cables.

    Edit: My apologies i didn't read how the visor went up the elastic band. Good thinking. How exactly does it flip up from the band?


    4 years ago

    Is there a template, because I'm too lazy to slowly play with dimensions =/


    6 years ago

    ?Nice, I'm doing a project and I need a good idea that would blow my teachers mind ?