Introduction: Cardboard Horse

How to make a cardboard horse, can be any size


Cardboard: box or sheet, tape, glue (optional), scissors and/or knife, pencil, woolen threads for hair and tail.

Step 1: Draw Horse Body Shapes

2x horse's main body with legs (left and right side)

1x head

1x front connector

1x back connector

"Triangular sockets" at the back and front of horse's two body parts and horse's head are meant to attach the connector plates that will keep the horse's right and left sides together.

Step 2: Cut the Shapes and Glue the Hair

Cut the drawn shapes with sciccors or knife.

Make sure you have cut out the "triangular socket" holes in the front and back of horse body plates and at the bottom part of the head. One side of the triangle hole is a bit longer to let the connector plates through after which you will be able to slide them down in "gaps" and turn to the correct position (see next instruction step).

Glue / tape the hairs for the head and tail.

Step 3: Connect the Shapes

Lay down one body side on the ground. And start connecting, Start with the side of the body on the ground, insert two connector plates. Then put the head on the front connector. Attach the other side of the body.

Step 4: Your Horse Is Ready!

Put you horse on its feet and it is ready to ride!

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