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Hello everyone,
I am pavan, New member in instructables and this project is root-way to my passion.
When I first saw one of the YouTube video of instructables, I was surprised because I never knew anything about this website before.I wasted my childhood days, never had enough information to make different things where I am interested in.When I got this website I really wanna do some work but I don't have enough time.

Fortunately this lock-down make me time to build something great. Even I got stuck at my cousin's house I built a cardboard house with old cooker and pan boxes.

Hope this project will help you as a prototype of your dream house.

I am so happy to share with you 😊

Step 1: Make a Design and Take Measurements


Making design of house is so easy, there is no need to be a architecture or civil engineer. You have to be aware of basic blueprints.

Imagine each and every corner of your building in your mind which makes you to draw easily without anyone's help.Put all your thoughts in a clear diagram by yourself on clean paper with pencil ✏️(measurementsare important which makes you to build a house easily) because, if you drawn anything wrong that can be changed with eraser.

Draw the lines before crafting the boxes that excludes the wastage of paper and boxes.


First take the measurements of the boxes precisely. Building a house is not easy thing it takes to much time, you have to be patient.

Record the measurements as per your requirement.

Step 2: Essentials

Bring everything to your place before you start the work that helps you to avoid distractions with other things.


  • cardboard.
  • knife.
  • glue.
  • pen or sketch.
  • pencils,eraser and sharpener.
  • scale.
  • papers.
  • plaster.

Step 3: Make a Basement 1

Strong basement is very important for house so that you can get a super strong building like shown in the picture and make a hole for swimming pool before hand like you see in the image.

Increase the ground floor for 1cm to arrange the block for bad situation like floods, earthquake, etc... actually I don't know that reason clearly but I heard some where.[ measurements are given in the measurement steps ]

Add swimming pool block. Take a depth of 2cm for pool because I have taken 3cm for basement and attach it hole as shown.

I make the stairs thickness of 0.3cm, bend it little bit and attach.

Step 4: Make a Basement 2

Make a depth of 3cm for basement as shown in photo. Attach paper to add the two cardboard to make it strong.

Attach the rectangle bar in middle to support the building.

Wait for an hour once the basement is done so that it will get the required strength to restrain the weight of the building.

Step 5: Furniture

Make the furniture with cardboard like sofa,chair,bed,TV,stands,etc in your own way.

Take a cardboard as required, mark the outlines on the cardboard then cut them precisely So that the furniture will look good when they are glued accordingly.

You can make the furniture in your own way so that it meets your own requirements of your dream house.

Step 6: Stairs

Stairs will take too much time, be patient. Finish the work what have you started don't lose faith.

Arrange the stairs in zigzag order on the rectangle cardboard. I took the height of 1.5cm approximately and width of 2.5cm.

Step 7: Ground Floor

Take four large cardboard for making walls to the ground floor, cut a cardboard into four parts and mark the lines for doors and windows, remove the pieces accordingly so that you can see a wall with doors and windows. Then join the walls as block like you see in the photo. And divide the ground floor into different parts as of your requirement (like guest room, hall, dinning hall, bed room, kitchen room,stairs ), then attach furniture to them.

Step 8: Pillars & Walls

In first picture I have shown clearly.

  1. Take the 3 pieces of rectangle cards.
  2. And place it on the paper and glue it.
  3. And roll it.

Make the pillars as required. Attach the pillars to rectangular walls height 9cm. Place the Pillar holes to the small block and glue the pillars. And also gates attached.

Step 9: First Floor

Similarly for the first floor, make the block as per your imagination because if you dream for your own house, you can explore everything.

Add furniture to it.

I made first floor in the way which is removed easily so that I can make changes to the plan in future to do something big.

Step 10: Store Room and Chimney

To make storeroom and chimney need to do simple steps.

Make an angle 110 degrees for slant. Add attach them properly, I have shown everything in the photos.

Step 11: I Love My Entrance

Up to this, I have shown you everything I made but this entrance should be your design, let me see how many people make the beautiful entrance.

I made beautiful garden with swing chair and swimming pool in the open area.

Step 12: Finally Built It

Build your own dream house like me. And build the house in real life too.

Dream big and do big.

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