Introduction: Cardboard Hovercraft

I got a lot of toys recently, the are some cardboard boxes left, so i decided to make a cardboard hovercraft.

Step 1: Find the Materials You Need


-a cardboard box

-a Echine micro quadcopter

-a quadcopter trasmeter

-a quadcopter battery 1s 300mah

-a bottle of nail polish

-a piece of paper

-a rubbish bag



-masking tape
-a screwdriver

-a pencil

-a marker pen

-a cutter

-a cutting plier

-a circle guide

-a ruler

-a hot glue gun

Step 2: Make the Main Body

-draw the diagram shown in the photo on a piece of paper

-stick the corners of the paper onto the cardboard with masking tape

-cut the main body out with a cutter

-fold the cardboard inwards and hold it in place with tape

Step 3: Disassemble the Copter

-Cut the propeller guard out with a cutting plier.

*be careful, don't cut the tiny wires!

-Remove PCB from the main housing with a screwdriver.

-Apply tiny drops of hot glue between the wires and the PCB.
*I have a bad experience that my wire broken after several plays & they are very difficult to solder back together. So it's very important to apply glue for reinforcement.

Step 4: Connecting the Copter With the Main Body

-use a marker to draw a rectangle shape

-cut the rectangle out

-place the front motors into the two holes

-then reinforce it with two drops of hot glue

Step 5: Making the Air Bag

-place the main body on the plastic bag and draw a slightly bigger

-fold the access part of the bag upwards and tape it onto the side of the main body

-seal the holes at the corners with tape

-draw some reference points on the plastic bag and cut through them with a cutter

Step 6: Place the Fins

-cut two gaps at the corners in the rare end

-fit the two fins inside the gaps

-reinforce them with hot glue

Step 7: The Boosters

-use hot glue to glue the rare motors to the fins

Step 8: How to Play

-plug the battery into the chip

-bind the controller to the hovercraft

-ready to play!!

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