Cardboard Lazy Kate

Introduction: Cardboard Lazy Kate

A lazy kate is a tool used by spinners to wind yarn off a bobbin or to ply multiple strands of yarn. It can also be used to wind yarn off a spindle. This Instructable is for a very quick and inexpensive cardboard lazy kate that I use in my classroom.

Step 1: BoM

Cardboard box


Dowels (for winding off bobbins)

Step 2: Box

Pretty much any size box will work and it doesn't need to be very deep. What I look for is sturdiness, a shoebox will work better than a cereal box. The box I'm using is very sturdy, but also deeper than necessary. I marked around my box 3" down, to make it easier to line up my holes. Also, because this particular box is so deep, it'll need a rock or something heavy at the bottom to keep it from tipping.

Step 3: Holes

Depending on the size of your box you can probably get 2 or more bobbins to fit. Just make sure you put enough space between each bobbin. Decide where your bobbins will go, and mark your holes. Then using a pen or scissors, make the holes. It's okay if the holes aren't 100% parallel on both sides. Do your best.

Step 4: Dowels

Now you can slide your dowels into the box, cutting them down a bit if needed. If you want to wind off directly from a spindle, you can slide the spindle into the dowel holes. It's when you put the dowels in that you see how well your holes line up---which mine didn't.

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