Introduction: Cardboard Loot Llama Fortnite

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Another Fortnite thing on your feed sorry ! This time, we will learn how to create the cute loot Llama with cardboard.

Step 1: What You Need ? CARDBOARD

The first thing to have is a lot of cardboard with a good thickness (2-3 mm), if it's thicker, it will be difficult to bend it, watch out.

Second more important thing : The hot glue gun with glue sticks. We will need ~ 8 sticks of glue.

And for the end : A computer, Paint, a brush and a printer.

Step 2: Two Sides Symmetric

Let's go, for this step i used a laser cut, it's more easy but TOTALLY NOT necessary, just take a pen, a scissor and it will be ok.

You need to have a picture for example of the Llama. Draw the outline (like on the picture but with real pen) on the cardboard. If it's not perfect, no problem, you will have your own version of the Llama. It has a long low jaw, it's important to give it a dumb look. When it's ok for you, cut out two parts of what you drown. As more symmetric as you can.

Step 3: Give It 3D

We will give it 3D to make it REAL. For that, cut little parts of cardboard with a width of 10 ~ 15 cm. You choose the length, the easiest way is to cut parts with the length of a straight line or a round.

Cut and glue it with hot glue gun on all the outline for ONE FACE you cut, not both faces.

Step 4: Add Other Importants Parts

Cover the face open with the other side you cut. Put glue on cardboard's edges and put your second face. I cut in two parts mine, it's easier to glue.

When the face is covered, we will make ears. Draw on cardboard 4 sides of the ears, symmetrical, they are triangular. Take your example and copy that ! Glue it on his head. Fill the empty faces with littles parts of cardboard that you glue.

For the legs, it's the easiest : You need to make four rectangular boxes. Length : 11,5 cm and width : 4,5 cm. When you have the four boxes, add to them four square boxes, more little.


Step 5: Give It Texture

Paint few sheets of paper with pink, a clear blue and a dark blue. Cut strips of each with a width of 3,5 cm. After that, cut vertically few sections, watch out, you must not cut all, let 3 mm on the top of the strip.

Glue the strips, start at the bottom with pink, glue two strips then two strips of clear blue and finally two strips of dark blue. Do it again until the Llama has his two side and his neck covered.

It's more and more cute.

Step 6: Start to Paint

Paint his head with a pink, dark or clear, you choose. Then his legs with clear blue for the top of the legs and the bottom dark blue.

Add strips of cardboard on his face and paint them in dark brown.

Step 7: Beautiful Eyes

It sees nothing ! Add it eyes.

Draw it two eyes like on the picture. I used Inkscape to draw them, but you can use what you want, like photofiltre, paint, etc ... Print them, cut and glue !

Step 8: Tadaaa But Not Finished

Add it teeth not symmetrical and it will have handsome look !

Step 9: Two Bags on Sides

For this step, i invite you to follow my pictures. It's in 3 steps : Make 2 boxes => Add a volume with a 1 - 2 mm cardboard thickness (with the same form as i draw) => add a padlock. Both bags are the same. Make one and do the same thing for the other.

Step 10: Paint Bags and Be Happy

It's the nearly final touch before to have finished. Paint both bags with brown and grey. To make different color more or less enlightened, the best method is : Your primal color is brown, just add a little bit of black to make brown more dark (like on the side of bags) or add white to brown to make brown clearer (like on the face of bags). For the form on faces, it's a mixed of brown, yellow and white. For padlock it's only grey.

Now you have your own Loot Llama from Fortnite ! Be happy and hug him. (sorry i can't make an other step to finish this tuto due to an error in the editor sorry !)

See you soon !

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