Cardboard M1 Abrams Tank on Chevy Pickup! With Plow! (photos Only)

Introduction: Cardboard M1 Abrams Tank on Chevy Pickup! With Plow! (photos Only)

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It's been a while since I've posted any of my projects on here.   Gosh, 2013 is almost at a close.

Just thought I'd share this with you all!

 Last year (2012)I created a cardboard tank and mounted it on the back of my boss's Chevy pickup.  Of course, due to our climate and the weather, it is only fitting that said pickup should have a snow plow on it.  The driver, could not see out of the the tank.  there was a little hole for him, but not enough, so, I mounted a dual webcam system on top.  The hatch was positioned over the bed of the truck.  

The frame of the tank was constructed of PVC, cardboard, zip ties, and chicken wire.   The really long tube for the barrel i obtained at a local carpet/rug store.  You cant see it, but, i put my potato gun down the barrel.  I did get a few shots off.  

Even though it really doesn't resemble an M1 Abrams, I did paint it on the side.  I don't have any photos of it like that though.  Sorry.  The pictures I have are the only ones of it.  

What happened to it all?  Well, the night of Halloween was really windy.  We drove it around a bit, and parked it.  Overnight, the wind got really hectic and the body blew off.  :(   

I won't be giving any instructions any time soon on this, unless I can find the blueprints that I drew up for it.   It took alot of time and i designed everything/ built it myself.   I must give credit to the makers of cardboard warfare for giving me this idea though.  Check em out on Youtube.

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    paint it od green