Introduction: Cardboard M32

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Step 1: Planning

For this project you will need:
! Cardboard
! 6-7 toilet paper tubes (possibly one paper towel tube)
! Scissors or a box cutter
! A sharpie
! Hot glue gun
! About 30-45 mins.
And possibly a fan

Step 2: The Chamber

You will need the toilet tubes for this part. Take each one and position them in a M32 chamber shape. BE SURE YOU LIKE THE WAY THEY ARE SITTING. Once you are sure you like the way they are assembled take two (I did two just to make it easier) and hot glue those two individuals together to make one set of two. Do this 2x more so you have three sets of two and glue those sets together to make one chamber. (The fan comes in handy to dry to the glue quickly)

Step 3: Body of the Gun

Once you finish the chamber you'll need to trace it with a marker or sharpie. Your going to want the drawing to be fairly far from the chamber piece because you will need it larger in order to make the extra pieces for support. Next take the traced out piece and cut it and then trace the cut out piece. Do this about 3-6 times depending on how thick you want the chamber hold to be. One or two should have a slight square shape at the top if you want a sight.

Step 4: Attaching the Body

Just layer the body pieces on top of each other and glue them together one at a time.

Next take your ammo clip and put it on top of the glued pieces and just glue them together by holding the ammo clip down and glueing around the bumps of the tubes.

Step 5: The Handle

This is a generally tricky part if you don't have any sort of mold to work off of. I didn't so I just made a rough sketch of what I wanted and just cut that out and traced it out after I was happy with how it looked. Your going to want to do this about 4-6 times to make it thick enough to hold. You want them to all be about the same size so you an trim them later.

Step 6: Glueing the Handle

Now your just going to want to make sure they line up how you want them to and just glue them. I glued from the center out, but you could do it however you want left to right, right to left.

Step 7: Making the Stalk

Your going to need three small squares to hold your barrel in place. Cut a hole in two of them to make a spot for the barrel.

Step 8: Decoration/ Finishing Touches

For this part all you have to do is glue all the parts together and then you are done. For the decoration phase you can paint it and you can put on a kind of rib thing on the barrel.
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