Introduction: Cardboard Mache Zodiac Coasters

I’m always looking for creative ways to repurpose items I already have. I also love personalised things especially when they are handmade. I saw zodiac coasters online, but those were very expensive . So I decided to DIY these coasters for myself. I love wooden coasters too. I can’t work with wood right now. So, I decided to make coasters out of cardboard mache. Cardboard when dries up gives effect of wood. So it was a win win idea for me. These came out to be very beautiful one. You can keep them for yourself or give them someone as a gift. What a great way to be able to customize coasters for guests, right ?

Step 1: What You Will Be Needing ?

1) A large bowl.

2) Some waste cardboard pieces.

3) Art glue or Fevicol.

4) White flour.

5) Any oil. I used olive oil.

6) Any cotton cloth for straining.

7) Acrylic color of your choice. U havn’t used blue(used yellow instead).

8) One paint brush.

9) One pointer brush.

10) Epoxy resin and Hardner

11) Bottle (optional) to press down the coaster.

12) Any mould to shape coasters.

Step 2: ​Cut the Cardboard

Take cardboard pieces as per your requirement and start cutting in thin pieces. It is required to cut either in small pieces or in thin slices so that it can absorb water easily when soaked.

Step 3: ​Soak the Pieces

Soak the cut pieces in a large bowl filled with water. Make sure all the pieces are completely soaked well. Let it soak for about 2 hours.

Step 4: Grind Time

After 2 hours, we need to grind the soaked cardboard pieces in the grinder. Grind well. Its not necessary to grind it finely. Add some water in the grinder jar as the cardboard pieces can stuck without water.

Step 5: ​Take Out Water

Using a cotton cloth place all the grinded cardboard in the cotton cloth. Use sink to squeeze out all the water. Make sure the water comes out of the paste. It is important because the coasters won't get dried up easily.

Step 6: Prepare Mixture

Take out squeezed paste out of the cloth and place it in the bowl. Pour some art glue in the dried cardboard mache. Pour the glue gradually. I am using white flour so that the cardboard holds properly and do not break after drying up. Use one spoon white flour. And little bit of oil if required. Use oil only if you feel the mixture is too dry.

Step 7: Place the Mixture Into the Mould

Here I am using my old watch box lid as a mould. Because i found it to be perfect in size for the coasters. You can use any mould for the desired shape. Take the mold and pour 3-4 drops of any oil and spread it evenly all over the surface inside it. Now place the mixture onto the mould and spread evenly. Press hard to make sure all the mixture is in place.

Step 8: Keep It to Dry

Keep the mould in sunlight to make it dry. In the room temperature this is going to take long to dry up. Don't keep it for too long, as all the moisture can get evaporated and coaster can easily break.

Step 9: Take Out Coasters

Its time to see the result. And woa !! These are beautiful . Take out the coasters from the mould by placing the mould upside down and tap gently, the coaster will come out.

Step 10: Zodiac Illustration

I am going to draw Pisces zodiac star sign illustration. As pisces is my Zodiac and i was badly wanting this (the coaster of my zodiac). I am using yellow acrylic color and pointer brush to make the star illusion. Also a pencil to make dots.

Step 11: Epoxy Mixture

Epoxy resin is a chemical compound when mixed with hardener turns out to be a kind of plastic. To protect my zodiac illustration and zodiac sign i am using epoxy resin and i will paste it all over my design. Take eqaul amounts of epoxy resin and hardener. Here i am using some tint of neon color glitters. Add a small amount of glitter and mix the mixture very well. If bubble occurs, use hot air gun or hair dryer.

Step 12: Epoxy Coating

Make your coasters ever shiny by applying coat of eopxy resin onto it. It will cure your Design and will give a beautiful finishing. Use paint brush to paint epoxy resin on the coaster surface.

Step 13: Tadda...Easy Peasy

So, my beautiful Cardboard mache Coasters are done !!

Hope you loved my idea. If you do, please vote for me. Thank you so much :)

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