Introduction: Cardboard Millenium Falcon

For last year's Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet the theme was Space and I was asked to create some props for atmosphere. To that end I created an ATST from Star Wars and a Shuttle craft from Star Trek. This year they decided to go full on Star Wars for the theme so hence a Millennium Falcon.

Step 1: Cut Out the Base

This project was built using a bunch of used cardboard boxes, a little plywood, lumber, tape and lots and lots of hot glue.

First step was to cut out a profile to build on.

Then I added a couple of plywood stiffeners as the support structure.

finally add a top profile and weighted it until the glue set.

Step 2: Building the Lower Bowl

Next I divided the saucer section in to equal parts and started to install ribs.

Next I covered the ribs with cardboard triangles and filled in between with poster board. This did not work well so I used a different approach on the top.

Step 3: Add Some Bottom Detail

Next I added some of the landing gear components, the cockpit and other bottom trim items.

Step 4: Flip It Over

As I said the poster board did not work out too well. Too flimsy. So on the top I added rib caps to the ribs so that I could attach the cardboard wedges next to each other and keep them relatively flush.

Followed that up with tape to kind of smooth it out a little.

Step 5: Top Deck Details

After finishing the upper dome next item was the galley ways, the gun turret, and the fan tail. Adding detail here and there as I went.

Step 6: Paint

Started with a base coat of grey house paint that was laying around the garage to insure that I had an accurate color match to the model. LOL.

After that using the model as reference I painted the various accents with acrylic paints and some spray paint. the windows on the cockpit were done with sheet vinyl and striping tape.

Step 7: Finished

This project was done on a limited time line with no budget and it is reflected in the finished project. The idea was to present the essence of the Millennium Falcon and to impress the 8 to 10 year old boys. Thanks for looking at this project. Please give it a vote for the cardboard contest. Thanks.

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