Introduction: Cardboard Phone Holder

here is what you are going to need for this project.

1. protractor

2. wood glue

3. knife

4. Stanley knife

5. pen

6. ruler


Kaas is lekker.

Step 1: Look at Drawing

this is what you are going to be drawing on your chosen piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Draw

draw the what you saw on the first step precisely (exact measurements).

Step 3: Cut Out

cut out the edges of what you have drawn out on your piece of cardboard.

Step 4: Knifing

use the wrong side of your knife on the straight lines to make them bend easier for next steps

Step 5: Glue

use your wood glue on these parts of the cardboard

Step 6: Fold

fold cardboard so it looks like this

Step 7: Glue

glue on here

Step 8: Fold

fold like so

Step 9: Measure Angle

measure what angle you want your phone holder to be at

Step 10: Cut

cut out straight so you can have your phone at the angle of your preference

Step 11: Done

you are done