Introduction: Cardboard Pillow

A simple yet useful way to use cardboard. My personal favorite thing to do with this is going under cars and having something to keep my head up without straining my neck. While it is not the most comfortable, it does work.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Make Plan

-(1) Shoe box (medium-small -- Do not use a boot box or your head will be too high)



-Tool to cut cardboard (ex. X-Acto, box cutter, heavy scissors)

-Spare cardboard (size will depend on size of shoe box)

-Duct tape (about 1 foot)

-String (6-8 in.) (Optional)


Plan out the best way to place the cardboard inside the shoebox for some cushioning and some support. There is no set plan for this as it is different in each situation.

Step 2: Mark and Cut Cardboard

There are no exact measurements as it depends on the box.

Step 3: Place Cardboard in Proper Space

Be sure to place the cardboard in a way that it will compress a little. (The box will feel like concrete if there is no moving room inside.)

Step 4: Tape Top of Shoe Box Closed

This can be done with just duct tape for a more permanent closing. OR A string can be used so the top can be opened.

Step 5: Done

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