Introduction: Cardboard Projector

If you want to enjoy a projector but your budget is not allowing like me then I will show you how to make a projector under 5 USD with cardboard and some other stuff.


You will need following things -
1. Cardboard (45cm.×75cm.)(free)
2. A magnifying glass or lens(100 INR or 1.5 USD)
3. A scissor or thermacol cutter(20 INR or 0.3 USD)
4. Glue(10 INR or 0.2 USD)
5. Sticky strip (which has one part rough and other hard to stick together)(10 INR or 0.2 USD)

Step 1: The Upper Body(all Measurements Are in Cm.)

For this cut a box of 9×52.4 from cardboard.Join it as shown in photo also take help of diagram.Then make lens holder and join it with glue.Then fix lens holder on box.And make it's cover as shown.Now you have made upper body of projector.

Step 2: The Lower Body (all Measurements Are in Cm.)

Cut a rectangle of 11×50 and make a box of 11×16×9 as shown. Make a strip from the cardboard and fix it 0.6 below cardboard box.Then make it's cover with help of diagram and photo. Now you have made its lower body.

Step 3: Joining the Parts, Locking System and Measurement

Fix the sticky strip's rough part on the boxes as shown and its hard part on covers.These will lock the projector.Now fix the measurement on small box as shown.Then slide big box on small box as shown.

Step 4: Testing

Put the lens on its place and cover it up.Then put your mobile on back of projector (if it doesn't fits then cut a cardboard piece of it's size,put it into the back and then fix your mobile). Remember that it will on its full brightness for clarity of image and the room will be dark.Now enjoy with your homemade projector.

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