Introduction: Cardboard Rabbit

I will be teaching you how to make a rabbit out of cardboard.




X-acto knife



Step 1: Sketch Out Your Animal

Sketch out your bunny so you get to know the shapes and features necessary to making your rabbit.

Step 2: Making the Head Pieces

Cut out two identical pieces of cardboard outlining the head of the bunny.

Step 3: Create Your Ears

Now you want to create your ears. Make sure the ears are about as tall as the place on the face where you want them to fit in. It is best to make the ears fit in at the uppermost point of the head. Then cut slots in the earpiece and the headpiece that are each just big enough to make the bottom of the earpiece reach the bottom of the headpiece. MAKE SURE THE SLOTS ARE TWO INCHES AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER. THE SLOTS IN EVERY PIECE YOU MAKE MUST SUSTAIN THE CONSISTENT 2 INCH DISTANCE.

Step 4: Face Pieces

Cut out three headpieces and use the same method as used with the earpiece to make them fit in with the headpiece. The shape of the headpiece should be a roundish triangular shape as shown above. Each facepiece should be smaller than the one before it. Maintain a one and a half-inch distance between the headpieces.

Step 5: Guide to Making the Slots

To fit the face pieces to the headpiece, you need to make slots that allow you to connect the two together. To do this you would first cut a slot in the facepiece around two to three inches tall. Then if you put the facepiece on the headpiece where you want it to go, you then measure the distance from the end of the headpiece to the end of the facepiece. Then you will cut that distance out of the headpiece on both of the identical headpieces. Make sure the thickness of the slot is the thickness of the cardboard. MAKE SURE THE SLOTS ON THE FACEPIECES SUSTAIN THE TWO INCH DISTANCE.

Step 6: Make the Nose

To make the nose use a similar shape to the pieces you used to make the face just far smaller. Use the image above. Use the same technique you used earlier to make the pieces fit together. Sustain the two-inch separation between the slots on the nose.

Step 7: Making the Whiskers

To make the whiskers copy your nose shape but make it a little bit smaller and include three "Whiskers" on both sides of the smaller nose shape. Then place those whiskers in the same slots that the nose went into.

Step 8: Adding Depth to the Ears

Now, to add depth to your ears, you want to trace your first earpiece onto a piece of cardboard and then make the ears smaller and thinner on the traced copy. Cut out the piece and slide it into the same slots that the regular ears were in.

Step 9: Making the Neck

To make the next follow the same steps that you do to make the face section of the Bunny. You should make small pieces shaped like the one above and slot them into the neck in the appropriate place to give them

Step 10: Creating a Plaque

Now you want to create the plaque to attach the head of your bunny too. To do this, you want to cut a plaque out of cardboard like the one featured above. Then, you want to make the two slots in your plaque and your bunny to attach the two together. Make sure these slots sustain the 2-inch distance that is consistent with the rest of your bunny. Now you can attach the head of the bunny to the plaque.

Step 11: Put It All Together!!!!

Now put all of your pieces in their correlating slots and you have a cardboard bunny!!!1

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