Introduction: Cardboard Race Car

I came up with idea as soon as my engineering class teacher told me about how we were going to be making an instructable to submit. i sat back in my chair thinking about this as my nephew came into mind and I thought "He would love to have a race car to play with, but I can't go to the store." That's when the idea popped into my head "I should build him a little race car!" That's when I began to find stuff around my classroom and house to start building this race car.


You will need cardboard, hot glue and glue gun, some scissors, a knife, some straws and a pencil to draw out yours

Step 1: Wheels

For this step you will need to cut out 4 big and small circles. You will also need to cut out circles slightly smaller than your main circles. You will then need to cut 4 large rectangular pieces of the cardboard and peel the flat part of it off. Once you are done with that part you will then wrap it around one of each the big and small circles cutting off the excess material. When you find the needed length of the rectangular pieces you will then glue the circles to the edges of the piece putting one piece on each side. Once you have got the wheels glued together you will then take wither the knife or scissors and poke a hole through the center of bother sides of the wheel. You will take the straw and stick it through the wheel before gluing it to the wheel on both sides. After you have the straw glued on the wheel you will take the circles that are slightly smaller than the main ones and glue them over the side of the will that will be facing out.

Step 2: Car Body

For the body of the car you will need the base, sides, and top. You will then glue the sides and the base together as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Axels

For this step you will need two short pieces of a straw and a small rectangular piece of cardboard. You will cut 4 little parts of one of the straws on both sides. Once you have done that you will glue one end of the cut straw to the side of the other piece before poking a hole through the front part of the base of the body and putting the T-shaped straw through the hole. You will take the small rectangular piece of cardboard and poking a hole through it also sticking the straw through it before gluing it down. I put a small thin piece of cardboard over it to keep it stuck together but that is optional.

Step 4: Assemble and Decorate

After you have done each step you will finally get to assemble and decorate your car. For these you will need to put the wheels on and then glue the top of the car on. Then you will be able to paint or design your car however you would like. You can paint or draw on it just let your imagination go wild.

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