Introduction: Cardboard Robot Decoration

Hi today I'm going to show you how to make a Cardboard Robot Decoration
You need :

1 big cardboard

2 smaller cardboard

1 Square cardboard (ATTENTION the square need to be larger than the big)


Color pencil to attach the differents parts of the robot

Paper, aluminium, or somthing else to custom your Cardbord Robot

Step 1: The Head

Open the biggest cardboard and put on the top two pencil, put the square one on the pencil and pierce the cardboard. To attach them, you need to tilt the pencil and join us with scotch. The head is attach.

Step 2: Arms and Legs

To make arms and legs you need to take the smaller cardboard ans cut the in the center, the arms would be thiner than the legs. To attach them make the same thing at the first step.

Step 3: Close the Back

To finish, you need to close the back with scotch.

Step 4: Custom Your Robot

Now you can custom your robot. I have add one eye, one hook, a pirate hat, and an eye patch, because it's a pirate.

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