Introduction: Cardboard Robot/Astronaut Costume

Heres how we made our Space Robot costume.

Step 1: Make the Body

Start by sizing up the body of the costume.

Step 2: Making the Body.

You can see how we made the skirt part of it. It really helped for being able to move around in it. We also left the back overlapping. This helped to make it snug fitting but it helped to get it on and off easier.

Step 3: Make the Helmet/head

Because we wanted to make sure she was able to see well, we made the helmet where it was slightly shorter than her head. We used some cardboard and hot glue to make a crown on the inside. Both of these allowed her to turn her head easily.

Step 4: Cover the Parts With Materials

Cover the helmet and body with insulation using spray glue. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area or outside.

Step 5: Materials We Used

This is just bubble wrap looking insulation you can find easily. Make sure you get the foil tape thats sold next to it.

Step 6: Make the Arms

Cut 6in flexible duct to length for the arms legs. We used about 8' in total for legs and arms. They could have been a bit longer, but that was all we ordered. The holes cut out for the arms were oval shape. This allowed it to be easier to get on and off. Tape them to the inside using GAFF tape. If you do not have GAFF tape, you can use duct-tape. Do not use the foil tape in the arm pits. It tears easily and can cut someone. Also make sure the edges of the ducting are taped with Gaff tape as they can cut you as well.

Step 7: Make the Legs

Cut some spacers out of cardboard to tape to the leg pieces. Use 2 carabiners on the outsides to clip the legs to the belt loops of the pants of your person.

Step 8: Add Any Decorations.

At this point, just go around your house and find random items to hot glue to the outside. We used a guitar tuner on the front. It would move as she was talking to someone. We also had some NASA stickers laying around that we cut up. Also make sure you put things on the back too and be aware of the weight distribution so if doesn't slide around too much.

Step 9: All Done!

There you have it. A warm, safe, and unique costume no one else will have for less than the cost of one at the store.

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