Introduction: Cardboard Silhouette Night Lamp

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The main material for this project is cardboard, although we use cardboard trash but we can get amazing product. In my work I use 2 types of cardboard, corrugated cardboard (shipping boxes) as frame and single-ply cardboard (snack and food-type boxes) as silhouette view.

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Step 1: Ready Your CARDBOARD and Tools

MAIN MATERIALS (For Lamp Box, Inner Frame & Silhouette View) :

- Corrugated Cardboard

- Single-Ply Cardboard

- Plain Paper

- Plastic Bag : yellow & blue (optional, you can use colored plain paper to arrange color lighting)

- LED Strip Light (we recommend using white led, for light coloring can be arranged using color paper, color plastic or something else)

- Power Adapter (for LED strip light)


- Cutter

- Scissor

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Ruler

- Paper glue

- Hot glue

Step 2: Designing a Silhouette Display

In this step, it's time we put our imagination to process the landscape image into several sheets of paper Note: so that the view looks perfect, there are some images that look close and there are some images that look far away. to distinguish which picture looks far or near you can mark it with numbers

1. Specify the size you want to make for this lamp, in this project we use the image size

Single-ply cardboard --> Size: 22cm x 16cm | amount: 2 sheets

Plain paper --> Size: 22cm x 16cm | amount: 4 sheets

2. Make the picture you want as a silhouette on plain paper, draw an outline of the picture. then distinguish each layer of the image that looks close or the image that looks far using numbers. not too many layers, I only use 6 layers, because if there are too many layers the light can't penetrate

Step 3: Silhouette Layers

After determining the silhouette layers on the plain paper, duplicate the image outline according to numbers 1-6 on the single-ply cardboard and other plain papers.

Layers 1 and 2 using single-ply cardboard (pictures that look closely)

Layers 3-6 using plain paper (pictures that look far)

and then, Cut the single-ply cardboard and plain paper according to the outline of the image

Step 4: Inner Frame Making (spacer Between Silhouette Layers)

For this inner frame we use corrugated cardboard

measure and cut the cardboard according to the size of the silhouette layer we have made.

Size: 22cm x 16.5cm | Total needs: 6 pieces

Then cut the middle of the cardboard, with a distance of 7mm from the edge

Step 5: Box Frame

This box uses corrugated cardboard

The size of this box can vary depending on the thickness of the cardboard you have measure and cut the cardboard to the size below: 23.5 cm x 18 cm = 1 piece (for the front of the box) 22 cm x 16.5 = 1 piece (to cover the back of the box) 23.5 cm x 5.8 cm = 2 pieces (for the top and bottom of the box) 16.5 cm x 5.8 cm = 2 pieces (for the side of the box)

make a square hole in the center of the first cardboard box (23.5cm x 18cm), leaving a 1.5cm border. stick each cardboard that has been cut using hot glue. You can add transparent plastic instead of glass

Step 6: Assembly

After you have finished working on the box and layers, it is time to put them together.

2. Insert each layer of the silhouette that has been glue with the inner frame into the box, the order of the layers must match

3. After the last layer is inserted, you can add colored plastic or colored paper to arrange the color of the lights

4. insert the led strip around the inside of the box

5. make a small hole in the back of the box for cable lines, attach the back cover of the box

and finally your Cardboard Silhouette Night Lamp are ready to decorate your beautiful night :)

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