Introduction: Cardboard Skee Ball Machine

This very colorful Skee Ball Machine has a blend of yellow and blue. But, the looks don't just make it great, its the actual mechanism that makes this machine great. It has an intelligent marble ramp that brings back any marbles that you score inside of the skee ball holes. This machine is a very fun pastime during the Corona Virus Lockdown. I played this fantastic game with my parents many times, and we really enjoyed it a lot.


Materials You Will Need:

1.) A lot of cardboard

2.) A couple of marbles or small balls

3.) Decorative paper (optional)

4.) Cardboard Tubes (Paper Towel Rolls or Toilet Paper Rolls)

5.) Flashlight (optional)

6.) Tape (If You Are Using Decorative Paper)

Tools You Will Need:

1.) A hot glue gun

2.) A Blade (Ex. Exacto, or Pocket Knife)

Here is a file that will help you with making each of the pieces of cardboard:

Step 1: Make Your Frame

The most important thing about making this whole Skee Ball Machine is probably the frame because, without it, you really don't have a recognizable Skee Ball Machine. Please Use Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the supplies section, to make the frame. Be Sure To Corrugate Part 3, to make a sloping effect.

Step 2: Extending the Frame

After You Have completed gluing parts 1, 2, and 3, cut out part 4, and hot glue that to the end of part 3.

Step 3: Extending the Arms

Extend the Arms Using Parts 5 and 6. Use the Video Above To Help You.

Step 4: Adding the Guard

Our Next Step is to cut out part 7, and glue it so that it is right up against part 4, and is glued to parts 1 and 2.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Holes

Use a Pocket Knife or Exacto Knife to Cut out Holes. Use the Following Guide to help you. I didn't exactly follow the guide, but I used it to help me.

Step 6: Extend the Roll Area

Since Part 3 is too small to really play a good game of skee ball, we added an extra roll base, and sides to help extend the roll area. Use Parts 8, 9, and 10 for this job.

Step 7: Make the Ball Mechanism

Use the Following Picture to Help You Make the Ball Mechanism.

Step 8: Decorate!

Now that you have completed everything mechanical, its time to get CREATIVE!!! You Can Use any decorative paper you would like, or just stick to the plain cardboard.

Step 9: Optional: Add Lights

I used a flashlight and installed it in the center of the guard piece, to get a good play even in the dark. This is definitely optional but is highly recommended.

Step 10: LETS PLAY!!!!

After you finish decorating, you can add in point values to each of your holes, and play.

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