Cardboard Sniper Riffle

Introduction: Cardboard Sniper Riffle

Step 1: Materials

1 paper
1 wrapping paper tube
1 pencil
1 masking tape roll
1 pair of scissors
1 ruler
3 toilet paper rolls

Step 2: Magazine

Draw a one and a half inch line on the paper(pic 1)

Then draw a three inch line on both sides(pic 2)

Connect the two lines(pic 3)

Cut it out (pic 4)

Step 3: Scope

Make a diagonal cut

Step 4: Put Together

Tape hand grip about half way through the wrapping paper (pic 1)

Tape scope to top in middle of the tube(pic 2)

Make 2 cuts about 1 cm long and 2 cm wide on the last toilet paper roll on each side then tape it on at the back of the gun(pics 3 and 4)

Make a 1" cut about 2" in front of the hand grip then slide the magazine in and tape it on(pic 5)

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