Introduction: Cardboard Stand for Easy Drawing With Phone

This DIY project will help you when you try to draw something from your phone screen.

The principle is that picture from your phone screen is partially reflected by transparent plastic (for example CD Cover). So when you look from top, you can see reflected picture appears "on the paper".

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools


- cardboard

- old CD Cover (or maybe new, it will be clean and scratch free)


- paper knife

- pen

- cutting board - better do not cut directly on the table ;)

Step 2: Step2: Cut Cardboard Stand

In this step cut 2 identical cardboard stand shapes according to attached master.
If you prefer, instead of drawing, you can just print master. Last picture on this step is scan of this element, if you just print it on A4, it will be good guide. Dimensions in cm are also shown there, so in should be easy to check if scale fits.

Angle to insert transparent plastic is important to have later flat reflection of picture. I evaluated that angle manually, just by looking on the picture while holding CD cover by hand. After I saw nice flat reflection, I marked a line on the cardboard, and made cut to permanently insert CD cover.

Step 3: Step 3: Cut One or Two Supports for Stand

Similar like before, just take one or two pieces of cardboard (length like CD cover, width half of it) and cut rows to insert cardboards preapred in step 2. It is hard to write for me, but look on the picture :)

Step 4: Step 4: Assemble and ... It's Done!

Assemble all pieces together, just like on picture.

Now just two notes for your phone :

- set brightness to max (maybe later adjust it lower)

- lock rotation of screen

Be aware that the picture you see "on the paper" is mirrored. If it is important for you, make reflection on phone. There are programs to do it, but for me it is not important.

Last comment, it is easier to draw if you put paper on something like book. Just to have it higher or closer. I prefer that, but maybe this is becasue of glasses - i don't know.

Have fun :)

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