Introduction: Cardboard Stool With T-Shirt Cushion

As a young person somewhat lacking in the height department, I've often found myself wishing for a cheap stool to give me just enough inches to reach the top shelf. This cardboard stool is lightweight, portable, and cheap. All materials used are recycled and re-purposed. This stool is multi-purpose with a cushion made of old T-shirts and some stuffing; it's the perfect height for a short chair or footstool. The seat cushion doubles as a netted bag, promoting the portable aspect of this project.

Step 1: Materials

- Cardboard (the largest piece needed is about 1 ft. x 3 ft.)

- 2 Old T-shirts

- Yarn

- Pillow Stuffing

- A Metal Bottle Tab

*This is meant to be a sustainability project. Most materials can be found at a thrift store or using recycled material. Alternative materials can be used.

Step 2: Tools

- Ruler

- Xacto Knife/Boxcutter

- Scissors

Step 3: Cutting and Assembly

I used these measurements to make a stool 11 inches in height. The support pieces and top and bottom pieces are made of 1/2 in. thick cardboard, while the base is 1/4 in. thick cardboard. Tailor the measurements of your cuts to the thickness of your cardboard. Keep your cuts clean to ensure all pieces fit snugly.

Since the support pieces attach at an angle, some edges need to be filed down to allow the support pieces to lie parallel to the edges of the box.


The two base pieces slot together to create an "X", all perforated sides fold in the same direction.

The 4 in. end of each support piece lie parallel to the edge of the box, perpendicular to its adjacent edge.

The 12 in. x 12 in. pieces fit snugly over each end of the box.

Step 4: Seat Cushion - Cutting

1) Cut open the shirts and measure 12 in. x 12 in. squares in the center of each shirt.

2) Mark off squares approximately 6 in. off the edges of the 12 x 12 square.

3) Cut out the 16 in. squares, then cut 1/2 in. strips into the square until the perimeter of the 12 x 12 mark is reached

4) Stretch out strips of fabric.

Step 5: Seat Cushion - Assembly

1) Place pillow stuffing in center of of one shirt, place second shirt over the stuffing.

2) Tie shirts together using the 6 in. strips.

3) Tie strips together in macrame pattern. Each layer should be about 1 inch in length.

4) Thread string though the last loops of the cushion strips, leaving a few inches of string free at the ends.

5) Thread a metal bottle tab through each end of the string to act as a cord stopper. Tie the string together.