Introduction: Cardboard Tablet/Phone Stand

Here's an easy and cheap way to keep your tablet or phone upright while you're watching Netflix. It can also fold down for easy storage.

Step 1: Get Some Cardboard

Find a piece of cardboard that has two folds in it, like the one above. I started with a small box and cut off the top, bottom, and one side.

Step 2: Make Two Slits

Cut slits on each end. Make sure one is from the top and one is from the bottom, and they should both go down to the middle.

I had to cut mine close to the outside because of the handle holes in the box. If you can, I would probably cut them closer to the inside.

Step 3: Cut Out the Middle

Cut out the middle piece. The section at the bottom shouldn't be too small, as we will be cutting down a bit further in the next step.

Step 4: Make a Holder

Make a steep cut downward on each side piece. This part will be supporting the bottom of the tablet/phone, so make sure it's deep enough.

Then make a steep cut down from the top to meet the bottom cut. This part will the supporting the back of the tablet/phone, so make sure it's tall enough, and not slanted too far back.

Step 5: Assemble!

Now fold the two sides back and insert the top slit into the bottom slit. If you cut both slits exactly to the middle the stand should sit flush with the ground. If it's not even adjust your cuts accordingly.

Step 6: Put Your Tablet/phone on It

Depending on the type of cardboard you use it might be a good idea to use some duct tape to reinforce the stand.

Now sit back and enjoy your Netflix!

Step 7: (Optional) Fold for Easy Storage

Just slide the sides out and fold down for storage or travel!

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