Introduction: Cardboard Thor Hammer

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Mjölnr, Thor's hammer is an iconic item. It is seen in Norse mythology as most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence. So I thought I should make it out of cardboard.

Step 1: Cardboard Shape

To start with the box that I had was way to big. So I cut out 4 large sides and 2 small sides to make the hammer main body.

Step 2: Hole

I wanted my cardboard tube to go strait through the hammer. To do this I marked the center point on two of the larger pieces of cardboard. Then cut a hole in them to allow them to slide onto the tube.

Step 3: Tape

Then tape it all together. I started with the tube and then carefully stuck it all together from the inside.When it was together I added some strait pieces of cardboard. After that it was all stuck together on the outside with duct tape.

Step 4: Metal

After the shape was right I added some metallic PVC film all over.

Step 5: Top

3 circles of card were then cut out and suck together before metallic tape was added. After it looked like metal I stuck ir to the top of the hammer covering the pipe.

Step 6: Paint

I wanted the hammer to be weathered so I painted it with black acrylic paint then rubbed some off. I also added some brown to make it look muddy.

Step 7: Handle

I wanted a brown fabric handle but I didn't have any. So I painted some white fabric in a shade of brown. The handle was then wrapped in the fabric. I also added some eva foam into the end of the tube and painted that brown.

Step 8: Finished

This was very fun to make it only took 2-3 hours in total to build. And only cost me a few pounds for the metallic PVC. I am very pleased how this turned out.

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