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"Duct tape is like the force it has a light side, a dark side and it binds the whole universe together". - This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Im not entirely sure who first said it. But I have seen it across the internet a lot. This quote combines two of my favorite things: duct tape and star wars. So I thought it would be appropriate to make this quote into a more permanent piece of art.

Step 1: Stencil

I first needed to make a stencil so that I could spray the quote onto some duct tape. A stencil is good as once you have made the stencil you can make as many copies as you want.

You should start by writing the quote out in pencil on some card. Then I went over the pencil with bubble letters so that I could cut it out. I searched a Star Wars font and tried to copy the letters on some of the text. I also added the rebel and imperial symbols to the bottom. Alternatively you could type this all out on the computer and print it on card. But that's not as fun.

Next you have to cut out the letters with a craft knife. Make sure the knife is sharp at all times as it becomes blunt very easily. If you accidentally cut or tare the card just use some duct tape to hold it back together.

Step 2: The Background

I made two different types of display one was on a canvas and the other was on some MDF that I covered in duct tape.

To make type one all you have to do is get an A4 white canvas and randomly stick pieces of duct tape onto the canvas.

To make type two you should get a piece of MDF and cut it down to A4 size. After that I put rows of black duct tape making sure to cover all the MDF. I used a cloth to get any bubbles and creases out.

Step 3: Spray

Again two make the two different types I painted them in different ways.

To make the canvas display I first used electrical tape and duct tape to secure the stencil is firmly down. Then excess card was used to tape off the two sections. This is so one section could be black on silver and the other section could be silver on black. Once you have sprayed the black onto the uncovered side. and the black is dry cover up the the painted side. Then spray paint the unpainted side. This is a complex explanation but in real life it is very simple. Just look at the images.

The MDF version was a lot simpler and all you have to do is cover the edges with duct tape and electrical tape. Then spray the whole thing in silver.

As always when working with spray paint make sure to be careful and spray paint in a well ventilated area. As well as wearing a respirator. You could also paint it normally with a paint brush over the stencil.

Step 4: ​Finished

Finished!! Now it is ready to display. You can hang it up by adding a string to the back if you want. I feel like this is a very nice quote and I love to have it around the house on display. I hope you enjoyed reading and may the force be with you!!

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