Introduction: A Regular Old Plumbus

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Today on instructables. Plumbuses. Everyone has a Plumbus in their home. All Rick and Morty fans appreciate there plumbus. This is how you can make your own.

Step 1: Body

Start with the dinglebop. If you dont have any then just use a ball of air dry clay. Flatten the clay into the body shape and add a cocktail stick then add a sausage of clay onto the stick. Only use a cocktail stick if you are out of Schleem.

Step 2: Top

Start by wrapping the tip with air dry clay. Then add clay balls to this surface. It is easier to make the balls stick ifyou rub them with fleeb juice and some water.

Step 3: Hole

Make a hole in the main body. Put a ring around this hole.

Step 4: Chumbles

Cut some wire and put it inside some clay. Then place the in the hole. Make sure they are securely in the hole.

Step 5: ​Floppy Bit

Simply roll out the shape in clay by making one end rounded and the other end flat with a skinny section in the middle. Then stick it onto the plumbus.

Step 6: Paint

Once all the clay is completely dry. Start painting. I used acrylic paint and a very thin brush.

Step 7: Done

That leaves you with a regular old Plumbus. I also found a manual online that I printed off. I put it in a box and now it makes a perfect gift for a Rick and Morty fan.