Introduction: Cardboard Toucan

Why make a toucan? Because it’s fun to make and a challenge for yourself to test your building skills and your paintings skills. I made a cardboard toucan because I’ve never made something so ‘out of the box’ and it just seemed like something fun to try out! You can use the toucan as wall decor or some other creative idea you want.


  • Cardboard boxes
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paint ( colors: turquoise, lime green, black, yellow, barn red,red,white)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint tray
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Preparing and Cutting

The first step to making your toucan is planning the side lengths. I made a draft and then a final piece. To find the side length it took trial and error. I used 7 inches as my wall-side length and worked from there. Next I cut out the pieces. All of the side pieces were proportional to the wall length and 2” as the width.

Step 2: Painting

After you have cut your pieces out you can paint! I looked up a picture of a Toucan to see the colors and patterns on there body. The acrylic paint colors I used were red, barn red, yellow, black, I made orange with red and yellow, lime green, and turquoise. I did a couple coats of each color to make sure all the colors popped!!

Step 3: Glueing

After you have painted, you can glue! I used hot glue to make sure it stuck together tightly. Assemble your pieces and glue them together. Make sure not to touch the tip of the glue gun. It burns! After you have glued, you have your finished piece!!! Now you can hang it on the wall or use it for something else!